Current site audit
Define goals & problems


Design lo-fi interface
Client feedback
Design hi-fi interface
Test & finalize


LuchaFIT is a site dedicated to educating girls and women about becoming a better version of themselves – focusing on specific topics. The founder, a wrestler for Team USA, is passionate about her sport and educating women on mindset, nutrition, injuries, and telling inspiring stories of women around her.


The Problem

While LuchaFIT has been successful in spreading great knowledge to it's readers, the site is essentially just a blog. The founder wants a platform where she would enable herself and fellow athletes to monetize their expertise. Additionally, she was looking for a way to make the platform stickier and more useful for anyone looking to better themselves athleticly – not just wrestlers.



Sell paid content
Build email list
Host events and clinics

Build a community
Become a revenue system for athletes
Promote the underdogs and tell their stories



Female leaning

Friendly & approachable
Easy to use


What we’ve accomplished:



We utilized components from Google's Material Design library in order to quickly achieve a user-friendly interface. With the common familiarity of applications like Gmail and Youtube, it made sense to follow a style principles people were already familiar with.



By putting the paid content behind a subscription wall, we are able to  collect emails through the sign-up process. Users will be able to purchase paid content and gain access to other paid features.



The community aspect comes from our challenges page. By utilizing gamification, LuchaFIT will to create 10 new challenges per month for users to complete. Users will be able to follow their friends to see their progress throughout the month and compete with one another – as athletes do.



Users can apply to become a 'Lucha Leader' to where they will be able to contribute to the blog and submit paid content to the site to make money on a tiered system.